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CORRUPTION: Pinnick Paid ‘Outrageous’ Millions To Kill Off Cases, Begs Minister On Latest Crackdown

Several sources have confirmed that Amaju Pinnick and fellow accused NFF officials paid “outrageous” Millions to kill off corruption cases against them just as the former NFF President has begged the Sports Minister to temper mercy after believing he is behind the latest crackdown on them.

Both of the country’s anti-corruption agencies, the EFCC and ICPC, have for several years been investigating Pinnick, former NFF Vice Presidents Seyi Akinwunmi and Shehu Dikko, Executive Committee Member Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ as well as General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi.

On Thursday, ICPC confirmed www.insideglasshouse.com exclusive that it has seized on behalf of Government the Abuja home of Shehu Dikko over corruption.

In an advertorial published in both The Punch and The Daily Trust, ICPC said the value of the property is far in excess of the earnings of the former LMC Chairman.

“Several of the corruption cases investigated by these agencies are overdue in the court, but the officials spent so much money on investigators, prosecuting lawyers, legal departments to so far ensure this does not happen,” a top source revealed.

“This is besides calling on traditional and religious leaders as well as top Government officials and politicians to intervene on their behalf.”

www.insideglasshouse.com has already zeroed in on an Appeal Court Judge, who has severally intervened on their behalf.

A serving Senator has made frantic contacts with top Government officials in respect of the Shehu Dikko case.

Pinnick, who has publicly maintained that corruption allegations are a witch-hunt by detractors against him, has now ran to the Sports Minister, Sunday Dare, to save his neck as anti-graft agencies also close in on him.

He has told close associates he does not want to end up in jail after he failed to honour an invitation from one of the anti-corruption agencies recently.


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