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Pinnick: Why I Installed Ibrahim Gusau As NFF President

Amaju Pinnick has opened up on why be backed Ibrahim Gusau to succeed him as President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) last year instead of his two Vice Presidents among the other aspirants for the hot seat.

In several private conversations, Pinnick boasted he can fully control Gusau to do all his bidding even when he is no longer in office.

“He is a good man, but Gusau will always run back to me because he does not know what to do as the President of the NFF,” he variously bragged to close friends.

Seyi Akinwunmi was Pinnick’s 1st Vice President for eight long years and they were friends in their younger days in England.

However, Pinnick never trusted the bulky Lagos lawyer and in their second term in office the huge cracks in their so-called friendship showed up several times.

There were others that thought Pinnick will back 2nd Vice President Shehu Dikko as the new NFF President, but the FIFA Council Member also did not trust the then LMC boss even though they did some “dirty deals” together and always seem to be on the same page on major issues.

He reckoned that both Akinwunmi and Shehu Dikko could go against his dictates should either man be elected  President.

A source disclosed: “Pinnick believed both men could not only do the job without him, they could also go against him and his orders as they have a mind of their own.”

Gusau has so far played to the script carefully crafted by Pinnick more than a year as NFF President.

The Zamfara FA Chairman has not had the balls to declare how many Billions of Naira in debts he inherited from his benefactor and as Pinnick has predicted, Gusau is always coming around to him for direction as NFF President.


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