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NFF Bungle Retirement of $960,000 Super Falcons World Cup Funds

The NFF Secretariat still stinks rotten of corruption as the committee set up by the House of Representatives to probe the $960,000 FIFA paid the football federation to prepare the Super Falcons for the 2023 World Cup has found out.

The NFF simply bungled their retirement of the FIFA money.

In one instance,  NFF claimed they spent a whooping $158,000 to buy and install a software, but House of Representatives investigators accompanied by a software engineer were only presented  jerseys when they went on an inspection.

The address of the supplying company is – wait for it – a nursey school in the United States of America.

The company submitted its bid to supply even before the criteria were made public.

It supplied even before the NFF legal department had authorized it to do so.

The NFF retirement is riddled with mix-ups in dates and addresses.

It would also be recalled that NFF claimed they used part of the money from FIFA to organise friendly matches to prepare the Super Falcons for the World Cup when in fact the team featured in invitational tournaments that organisers footed their expenses.


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