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How Sanusi Hires And Fires At His Personal Empire The NFF

Mohammed Sanusi (PICTURED) has in eight years of incompetence, nepotism, favouratism and anarchy as the General Secretary turned the NFF into his own personal empire, hiring and firing staff members according to his own whims and caprices.

Sanusi heads the NFFSecretariat and so he is its Chief Executive with such far-reaching absolute powers that has given him the license to employ as many as a dozen “illegal” workers in a Federal  Government Parastatal.

The “illegal” staffers include Ali Abubakar Mohammed, Mohammed Ameenu, Tasiu Riskiwa, Garo Ahmed and Larry Kubanji.

Others are Ann Okoro, the VIP Youth Corper closely assosciated with former NFF President Amaju Pinnick,  Haruna Adoga, Hussain of the Kebbi  FIFA Goal Project as well as another fellow purportedly overseeing the failed Ogbodoro FIFA Goal Project.

The self-appointed NFF Emperor was also the man who personally ordered the following retired staffers to stay clear of his Secretariat – Emmanuel Adesanya, Mrs Edith, Lawrence Katken, Bola Oyeyode and Robinson Okosun.

To show his very, very dubious standards, Sanusi at the same time asked the Secretariat’s Head Driver Lawal Mohammed and his own personal driver Marcel Edikpa to carry on working even though they too are supposed to have retired from the civil service.

And as if that was not enough, the GS stopped three staff members from sitting for promotion exams.

They are Isaac Ajesafe, Danlami Alanana and Robinson Okosun.

Ironically, Okosun was only called back to sit for the promotion exams after retirement because Sanusi bluntly refused him to do so when he was due.

With NFF as his plaything, it further explains why Sanusi is doing everything to hold down a job that pays him $10,000 a month.


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