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Sanusi Orders Staff Not To Accept Petitions Against Shehu Dikko, Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’

NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi (PICTURED) has ordered staff at the NFF Electoral Committee office in Abuja not to accept petitions against both Shehu Dikko and Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ to again prove that the processes leading to the NFF Elections are seriously compromised.

Shehu Dikko is running for the NFF Presidency, while ‘Fresh’ wants to be the new Chairman of Chairmen.

It was gathered that one of the staff members, ‘Pat’,  had first received the petitions before she realised what they were.

Another senior officer, Joshua Onoja, then made a frantic phone call to Sanusi, who ordered the office not to accept the petitions.   

They quickly removed the received stamp already appended to the petitions.

Sanusi was also the one who allegedly ordered the Electoral Committee office to sell another nomination form to Presidential aspirant Sulaiman Yahaya Kwande after he had previously bought that for an Executive Committee position.

This is an offence according to the electoral guidelines and such an offender is expressly disqualified.


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