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Football Must Be The Winner Insists FCT FA Chairman Mouktar Mohammed

Chairman of the FCT FA Adam Mouktar Mohammed (PICTURED middle flanked by Stakeholders) has maintained that the interest of a better Nigeria Football must always the prevailing consideration.

“Let football be the winner and let Nigerians see us (Nigeria Football Stakeholders) as responsible, that we ‘re doing the right thing,” Mouktar Mohammed urged in an interview after Thursday’s Congress in Lagos.

“We have no option than to do the right thing because there’s a lot of anxiety and tension.

“Nigeria Football must be on a positive pedestal.”

He added: “Our national teams should do well at World Cup levels and there should be a proper grassroots development.

“We also hope for a level playing field for all Stakeholders – players, referees, coaches, administrators .

“Everybody must have a sense of belonging for the development of football.”

The FCT FA boss further said that he expects the best man to be the next NFF President next month.

“Who hope the best candidate gets the job,” he said.

“This will be a fit and proper person who has submitted himself to the guidelines of the Election.”

Mouktar Mohammed also addressed the failure of the Congress to bring forward desired Statutes amendment by insisting this could still be revisited.

“Laws and Statutes can be reviewed because life itself is dynamic,” he stated.

“If key Stakeholders want this, we can meet and decide on this.

“But we don’t have the time for such before the Elections.

“This is work in progress and even a new leadership could implement it because more Stakeholders does not hurt.”


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