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Congress Does Not Bring Up Statutes Amendment Despite Presidential Order

One of the significant issues that Thursday’s NFF General Assembly in Lagos did not address was that of amendments to the 2010 NFF Statutes, which most Stakeholders agree has not been inclusive and is skewed in favour of the 37 State FA Chairmen.

Sports Minister Sunday Dare announced a Presidential directive for the Statutes to be amended to carry along more Stakeholders, but strangely this was not followed up at the Congress in Lagos.

www.insideglasshouse.com also obtained a proposal of how the present NFF Executive Committee had planned to expand the Congress to 70 persons with an Executive Committee of 21 persons.

The FA Chairmen do not wish to dilute their power and dominance in the Nigeria Football polity just yet.

Fresh Elections to the NFF Executive Committee on September 30, 2022, will therefore be conducted using the 44-person Congress and so the much-needed reforms will again remain a mirage with the State FA Chairmen holding sway.

Agitations for reforms first championed by the players union PFAN particularly as it concern  representation in both the Congress and the Executive Committee will therefore persist.

 PFAN has already taken this case before the Federal High Court Abuja Division.


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