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NFF Executive Committee Members: ‘Nigerians Will Soon Forget World Cup Failure’

Several top NFF Executive Committee Members have boasted that despite the severe pains caused millions of fans by the failure of the Super Eagles to qualify for the 2022 World Cup, Nigerians will soon forget the disaster and move on with their lives.

They have also said they on their own will also be busy with several other programmes to take the pressure off them.

Already, the NFF have rolled out two friendlies for the Super Eagles and another raging debate has begun as to who should be the new coach for the national team.

A source informed:  “The NFF officials have been busy boasting that very soon Nigerians will forget about the failure to qualify for the World Cup.

“They have also said they will try to deflect pressure on them to resign by coming up with so many other issues like the employment of a new Super Eagles coach and the activities of the various age-group teams.

“Even the much-publicised announcement by Amaju Pinnick not to seek a third term in office was part of the strategy to douse the tension.”

NFF President Pinnick, for one, has dismissed calls for him to resign after the World Cup disaster.

“I take full responsibility, I won’t ascribe blame to my subordinates,” Pinnick insisted on national television.

“I am a soldier and I will soldier on till the end of my tenure.”

In his eight years as NFF President, Nigeria Football has suffered major setbacks nationally and internationally that many critics have rated Pinnick’s stewardship as the worst ever despite the full support he has received from the Federal Government of Nigeria.


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  1. Eche April 18, 2022

    Amaju Pinnick, you are disgrace to your family. You said you a soldier… Yes, you are! A soldier of fortune!!


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