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Gusau’s NFF Go Tough – We Won’t Be Blackmailed By Players Union

The NFF led by President Ibrahim Gusau have taken a tough stance against the players’ union PFAN, insisting they will no longer meet with the players for an out-of-court settlement.

PFAN Task Force is at the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja  after  it had secured a court order from the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja for the NFF Elections not to be conducted on September 30, 2022, in Benin City.

The Appeal Court could not sit on November 21, 2022, to rule on whether it has the jurisdiction to stay the order of the lower court which allowed for the NFF Elections to go ahead.

www.insideglasshouse.com has now gathered that should the higher court admit it does not have this jurisdiction, the NFF will go ahead to the country’s apex court, the Supreme Court.

And even when it does not get a favourable ruling at the Supreme Court, the football federation will run to world football governing body.

In October, Gusau’s kitchen cabinet met with PFAN officials as it concerns this, but the NFF President did not show up for a meeting between the parties called on the request of Edo State Governor and PFAN Patron Philip Shuaibu, who is a major back of Gusau.

“The NFF will not meet with the players’ union,” a top official informed.

“The gloves are off and they will exhaust all legal avenues available to them including heading all the way to the Supreme Court.

“Even when that fails, they will run for cover at FIFA.”

The players are demanding for equal and fair representation among the five major Stakeholders of Nigeria Football in the NFF Congress and Executive Committee as against the current situation where the 37 State FA Chairmen call the shots thanks to their massive numerical advantage in a 44-person Congress.


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