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Elegbeleye Promises IMC Will Make NPFL Top League

Chairman of the Interim Management Committee (IMC), Gbenga Elegebeleye, has promised that his committee will reposition the NPFL to become a top league that will expose players to the rest of the world.

Elegbeleye addressed the media after a consultative meeting with the 20 NPFL Club Owners and their representatives, noting that the Committee is committed to ensuring that the NPFL will be organised henceforth in line with global best practices.

“We want the world to see our league, see our players and this can only be done when the matches are televised and we also will not show the world sub-standard pitches hence we are insisting under NFF Club Licensing that only television friendly Stadium will be approved for matches”, the IMC boss said.

He warned that any club that fails to meet the standard set for facilities will have to choose another venue for their home games.

Elegbeleye, a former Chairman of the National Sports Commission, said the purpose of the meeting with the Club Owners was to brief them on activities of the IMC and notify them of the proposed date for the start of the new season.

“Basically, what we did today was to interact with the clubs that participate in the league, inform them of our plans for the organisation of the league, full implementation of Club Licensing and a date for the commencement for the new season as well as the format.

“However, we can’t provide you (the media) with specific details until we meet with the NFF in a few days and secure their buy-in”, the IMC Chairman said in response to a question from the media.

“We discussed club licensing and facilities, we made the clubs understand that if their stadium failed to meet the required standard they have to go and play in another venue.

*”We want to put our league matches on the television and the pitch must be television friendly because for the whole world to see Nigerian league, we want the players to be exposed to the world”, he insisted


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