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EXPOSED: Gusau’s NFF Plot To Get Rid Of PFAN So As To Quash Court Case

The plot by the NFF led by President Ibrahim Gusau to get rid of the players’ union PFAN so as to put an end to an Appeals Court case has been uncovered.

The legitimacy of Ibrahim Gusau’s Election as NFF President is being questioned by the players’ union and   should the Appeals Court take the matter back to the lower Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, the polls that brought the Zamfara FA Chairman to office in September 2022 will be null and void.

The NFF therefore came up with a plan to put PFAN out of existence on the pretext to reconscile the warring factions of the players’ union and that way put an end to the Appeals Court case.

Edo Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu, who financed Gusau’s Election campaign, has been the man saddled with this plot.

 The plot includes a change of name to “United Players Union”, new leadership as well as a new constituition for the players’ union.

The PFAN leadership has since smelt a rat in this whole plot and has been quick to make known its position on this so-called reconciliation.

In a letter dated April 6, 2023, addressed to the Chairman of the Reconsciliation Committee and signed by General Secretary Emmanuel Babayaro (PICTURED), PFAN made very clear its position as it concerns the reconciliation moves scripted by the NFF.

“PFAN made it clear that while we are in total support of peace and reconciliation, it CANNOT be at the instance of the union’s INTEGRITY AND SANCTITY,” the correspondence read in part.

“Even though we attended the meeting without prejudice, the unfolding outcome calls for concern and immediate remedy. Of great concern to PFAN is the communiqué that seems to emanate from that meeting insinuating a status change of PFAN, in NAME AND NOMENCLATURE.

“While we are not moved by these assertions, our worries are embedded in the discord and tainted relationship such moves might cause.”

The letter continued: “As a product and chief benefactor of democratic institutions yourself (one time NANS President, Edo House of Assembly Leader and currently Edo state Deputy Governor), surely your Excellency more than others know and understand how sacrosanct the protection of the sanctity of such institutions are.

“It has also been said that any PRECEDENCE that does not seek to deepen DEMOCRATIC NORMS AND ITS INSTITUTIONS must be discarded at all costs as its outcome will only bring chaos and disaster.

“The Professional Footballers Association of Nigeria is an organization spanning over 3 decades and made up of DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED OFFICIALS. It is also a member of the 5 statutory bodies that make up The Nigeria Football Federation.

“On the other hand, you have an Association less than 2 years old and made up of self appointed dissidents, now laying claim.

“Perhaps sir it will interest you to know that barely 2 years ago the BOT chairman of that Association is a beneficiary of one of PFAN’s many interventions as the only voice that queried the NFF when his election as the Anambra FA chairman was annulled by the Football House. A position, he enjoys even today.

“During the same period, he was also one of the many beneficiaries of the FIFA COVID 19 PALLIATIVES given to the PLAYERS UNION (PFAN) by the NFF and disbursed (by PFAN) to its members .

“The President of that association was also a beneficiary, including several other members of the association.”

Another letter addressed to NFF President on March 26, 2023, and also signed by the PFAN scribe Babayaro maintained the independence of the players’ union and that it has internal mechanism to deal with any infighting.


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