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The New ‘Cabal’ Unmasked As NFF Excos Continue To Grumble They Are In The Dark What Federation Doing

www.insideglasshouse.com can report today the four persons who are running football in Nigeria, while the NFF Executive Committee Members and Congress continue to grumble that they are not carried along with what goes on as it concerns the administration of the game in the land.


He was elected NFF President in September even though he did not have a big budget for the polls in Benin City. He came into office with the gusto to be open, accessible and accountable, but lately that has not been the case with him as he has since been “brought into the caucus”. It is alleged that he has received two brand-new cars, one of which he uses in Abuja, while the other is now in Zamfara. There are also allegations he has received payments of an unspecified amount in two tranches.


He is ‘The Capo dei capi’ of the Cabal, the engineroom of this little group that runs football in Nigeria. He is already the longest serving General Secretray of the NFF having first taken office early in 2015. Questions still remain when his tenure will end, some say in December, while some others say he has till January 2025. He has so far survived the spirited push by Sports Minister Sunday Dare to get rid him after his many episodes of insurbordination. This has been possible with the help of some top Sports Ministry officials. Who is the person who will not fight to keep a job that pays you $10,000 (almost 8 Million Naira) a month?


Charity Kadiri is the man who works the numbers and figures and ensures the books of the federation keep looking good for the auditors. He has been at the NFF Secretariat for over four years during which time he has done everything to conceal all the corrupt practices at the Glass House after he engaged some consultants to that effect. That has helped to keep away the prying eyes of anti-corruption agencies. He was deployed from Accountant General’s office.


“The Permanent Secretary of the Super Eagles” Dayo Enebi Achor is the fourth member of this all-powerful quintet. His loyalty has been rewarded with top postings at the Secretariat that besides being Head of the International Department, he is also acting director of competitions. His main brief is getting the “returns” in forex from international friendlies and foreign camps of the national teams to his bosses.  Most NFF Executive Committee Members don’t know how much is generated from these friendlies even many years after their Elections. He works closely with the NFF Exclusive Match Agent Jairo Pachon as well as Germany-based agent Emeka Ezeala, who got Berti Vogts to coach the Super Eagles.


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