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NFF Congress Delegates Having Jolly Good Time In Abuja At Aspirants’ Expense

The men, who will decide the next NFF President and his Executive Committee, have been in Abuja for several days having a jolly good time at the expense of mainly those aspiring to succeed outgoing Amaju Pinnick.

These aspirants have provided the NFF Congress delegates with return flight tickets, hotel accommodation and boarding as well as women of easy virtue to keep them busy while they are in the capital city.

“You will see shameless, old men camped in hotels having fun with girls that would ordinarily pass for their children, and all these are paid for by the aspirants,” one source lamented.

The Reno Hotel and the Haris Hotel have been the popular stop-overs of the Congress men.

The delegates have also enjoyed honorarium of between 50,000 and 100,000 Naira from these aspirants.   

Among these delegates are pastors, unionists, so-called businessmen, while many do not even have verifiable means of livelihood.

Even back in their bases, most of them are nobodies and owe their positions only to the benevolence of their State Governor.

However, they all of a sudden assume larger-than-life personalities every four years when the NFF Elections come around because they have the vote to decide the next set of people to pilot the affairs of Nigeria Football.

One of those no-good FA Chairmen from the North West and a low-ranked State Government official for that matter has already vowed that he must buy a new car from the forthcoming polls.

He has already pocketed a good amount of US Dollars when Amaju Pinnick literally bought his way to the NFF Presidency in 2014 and 2018.

This Chairman’s story again tells one about the mediocres that dominate the Congress, who rather than aspire to be part of the leadership would often prefer to continue to receive handouts to keep their colleagues on the Executive Committee.

The Congress delegates do not have the capacity or the will to make positive changes Nigeria Football so desperately needs today.


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