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Will Akinwunmi Endorse Alhaji Gafar’s Nomination To NFF Executive Committee?

The owner of 36 Lion Football Club, Alhaji Liameed Gafar, has indicated interest to be elected into the NFF Executive Committee.

But his first and biggest hurdle yet is whether his nomination will be endorsed by the Lagos FA Chairman, Seyi Akinwunmi (PICTURED).

Without this endorsement, Gafar, whose Lagos club have earned a reputation of being a conveyor of young talent to overseas, can forget his ambition to get on the NFF Board.

It would be recalled that both men fought a bitter race for the Lagos FA Chairmanship a few years ago.

Also, NFF Presidential aspirant David Doherty is still waiting for the almighty signature of Akinwunmi, who is also a Presidential aspirant.

 Without Akinwunmi’s approval, Doherty can kiss his ambition goodbye.

Note too that only recently Akinwunmi declared that the Elections are not a do-or-die affair and that it will be a politics of no bitterness.


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