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NFF  ‘VIP Girl Corpers’ Deployed To Electoral Committee Office

The three female Youth Corpers at the NFF Secretariat – widely referred to as “VIP Corpers” – are again in the news after two of them were redeployed to the NFF Electoral Committee office in Abuja.

They are Hauwa Bukar and Halima Ibrahim.

It is widely alleged that one is a side chick of a top-ranked official of the secretariat, while the other keeps the bed warm for a very powerful NFF Executive Committee.

Staff at the secretariat complain the ‘VIP Girl Corpers’ are snobbish and enjoy favours from the big Ogas.

 www.insideglasshouse.com has already reported on a third ‘VIP Girl Corper’, Ann Okoro.

She is the private property of The Big Boss, well known for his super Libido, and has already been given an employment contract for services duly rendered.

This pampered ‘VIP Girl Corper’ was also in beautiful Morocco for the WAFCON.

Ann Okoro was most recently in Costa Rica with the Falconets at the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup as a member of the backroom staff.

 Will this be another case of a female youth Corper, who f**ked her way to the top after her service year to now become a powerful management staff member?


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