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NFF Congress Boils Over Pinnick Tenure Elongation Decision To FIFA

It can be authoritatively reported today that the NFF Congress is ready for a showdown with Amaju Pinnick after it emerged that the NFF have written to world football governing body FIFA asking for an elongation of the tenure  of the current administration till January 2023.

The terminal date of the Pinnick-led administration is September 21, 2022, but The Leadership  Newspaper reported today that the NFF has now asked FIFA to extend this tenure till January 2023, when fresh Elections will be held.

This decision was taken without the Congress of the NFF, which is the supreme decision-making body of Nigeria Football and reserves the powers to take such a position.

Congress Members said this is most unacceptable, reprehensible and must be fought against.

A senior Congress Member from the South South, who has previously served on the NFF Executive Committee, described this as a “rape” of the powers of the Congress.

Another delegate asked who was behind this decision.

“Was it the President and the General Secretary that communicated with FIFA and were other Executives part of this decision?” he asked in complete amazement.

It was further learnt that some Congress Members said they will keep their cool till the Emergency General Assembly in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Tuesday, when they will demand a full explanation from the NFF Executive Committee.

Many of the Congress Members also demanded to know the basis for such a tenure elongation.


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