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FACT: Pinnick Illegal Decision To Elongate Tenure Via FIFA Impeachable Offence

Any decision to elongate a tenure is the prerogative of the NFF Congress and for the NFF President Amaju Pinnick to now take it upon himself to do so via FIFA is illegal and can only warrant immediate removal from office for all those behind this correspondence.

Today, it was reported that the NFF have applied to FIFA for the tenure of the present Executive Committee led by Pinnick to remain in office till January 2023, when fresh Elections will be held.

This was done without passing through the NFF Congress and therefore illegal.

A top Expert told www.insideglasshouse.com: “A proposal for tenure elongation must be tabled before the Congress, approved by it before it is conveyed to FIFA for its endorsement thereto…

“But the Executive Committee through the General Secretary do not, as at the date the letter was written to FIFA, have the mandate and authority to request from FIFA an extension of their term in office.

“They must put that request to the highest decision-making body of the NFF- The Congress – and request it to extend the tenure,after which the Exco,through the General Secretary would write to FIFA and request for its endorsement to the request of the NFF Members.

“If such a letter has already been written to FIFA, it is improper because the procedure is flawed and is undermining the authority of the Congress, which is the highest decision-making body of the NFF.

“The Exco holds any power that it wields on behalf of the Congress which can over-ride this selfish request at its AGA.

“It can be challenged by any single member of congress, as it must be tabled before it before such a request can be made on its behalf.

“It cannot be endorsed as it is illegal from the onset.”


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