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It’s Fight To Finish As Pinnick Brands Uchegbulam ‘Leader Of Ungrateful FA Chairmen’

It will most certainly be a fight to finish when the NFF Congress eventually convenes after the court injunction against it is vacated as two sharply divided camps have emerged and they are not about to back down anytime soon.

‘Rebel’ FA Chairmen, who prefer to be known as ‘Concerned’ Chairmen, form the bulk of the NFF Congress.

By the last count they are 28 of them, which is far in excess of the Congress simple majority of 23, with several more FA Chairmen open to joining forces with them soon.

The remnants of the Congress are mainly the Executive Committee members, who are supposed to be loyal to Pinnick.

Pinnick has lost the Congress and he has also lost his cool with the FA Chairmen, who have openly gone against him and are now spoiling for a big showdown whenever the Congress reconvenes.

He has already berated them as “ungrateful” when he fired a lengthy stinker to Imo State FA boss Mazi Amanze Uchegbulam, who has been in the forefront of the mutiny against the NFF leadership.

He dubbed Uchegbulam “leader of the ungrateful FA Chairmen”, while throwing away all manners reserved for a senior citizen.

The FA Chairmen have already scored a major point against Pinnick and his shrinking group by this week getting the litigants of the case that restrained the NFF Congress to withdraw it from court.

This was after the Executive Committee failed to do so in six months.

The Congress was also not sounded out before Pinnick and his henchmen fired a correspondence to FIFA.


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