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FA Chairmen: Withdraw Your Mandate, Pass Vote Of No Confidence And Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Pinnick

www.insideglasshouse.com has demanded that now that the football house is gradually crumbling, it is in the hands of the once-powerful State FA Chairmen to take out once and for all the monster they created and which now threatens to go down with them – NFF President Amaju Pinnick.

They will do so by –

First, withdrawing the mandate they gave Pinnick when they voted for him in September 2018.

They should then pass a vote of no confidence on his leadership of the NFF.

And they should begin impeachment proceedings against Pinnick.

Pinnick has been more harm than help for Nigeria Football in eight forgettable years.

He has now run Nigeria Football aground after he ran it like his personal estate.

But for terribly compromised institutions in Nigeria, this is one person who ought to by now be convicted for the criminal plundering of the treasury of Nigeria Football.

The FA Chairmen’s demand for the vacation of a court order that prevents a meeting of the NFF Congress and for a General Assembly to be called has already drawn the wrath of the almighty, all-powerful and all-knowing Pinnick.

 Some of them have even alleged that Pinnick is behind the court order because he is doing everything to hang on to power even beyond the end of his tenure in September.

It is therefore imperative that the FA Chairmen have the will and steadfastness to now go all the way to stop the rut that has overtaken Nigeria Football and do away with the monster they created.

Pinnick was by far their biggest mistake, but they still have a chance to correct this blunder by now doing the needful.

Failure to do so will have equally serious consequence for them as it will invite FIFA to set up a Normalisation Committee that will restructure Nigeria Football altogether and at their own expense.


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