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NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi: The Biggest Fat Cat In Nigeria Football?

The NFF are always broke and have always operated a deficit budget, but even at that some of their principal officers still smile to the bank, like General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi (PICTURED right).

Sanusi must be the highest paid sports official in Nigeria as he earns three Million Naira monthly, far more than the permanent secretary of the supervising Sports Ministry.

His predecessor, Musa Amadu, was on a paltry 450,000 Naira a month.

How Sanusi came about his jumbo pay is yet another story on its own as investigations showed that the Establishment Committee, which is charged with fixing salaries and allowances, did not decide on what to pay the physical and health education doctorate degree holder.

His salary at the Glasshouse has enjoyed astronomical jumps – from 425,000 Naira to 1.5 Million Naira and then to the jackpot of three Million Naira.

Besides his salary, Sanusi also enjoys a housing allowance of five Million Naira annually and his extacode is $450 (about 270,000 Naira) a day on all overseas travels.

What is even more galling is that he enjoys this extacode to the fullest as the NFF still go ahead to foot his boarding expenses when he is outside the country on official duty!

Sanusi is currently into the second year of a new five-year contract with the NFF.


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