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Pinnick Threatens NFF Excos – Support My 3rd Term Bid Or We Sink Together

Amaju Pinnick has openly displayed his crazed desperation to return as NFF President for a third term by telling his fellow NFF Executive Committee members that they should support his ambition or he will ensure that they also do not make it back to the board of the football federation.

NFF Elections are scheduled for September 2022.

Pinnick has been NFF President since 2014 and he has now made it known he wishes to stay in office despite the downturn of Nigeria Football under his watch.

Remaining in office will keep him relevant in Nigeria Football and it will shield him from the various anti-corruption agencies that have already established cases against him.

A top official told www.insideglasshouse.com: “It has always been about him and his ego and not about moving Nigeria Football forward.  

“That is why today he is on the CAF Executive Committee and also on the FIFA Council, while our football has been on a sharp decline even after the huge investments by the Federal Government.”

Influential Zamfara FA Chairman and Chairman and Chairmen Ibrahim Gusau has already told Pinnick of his own ambition to lead Nigeria Football and was already seen in some sections as the man to give Pinnick a run for his money in the presidential polls.

But lately Gusau has been a very willing ally of the NFF President yet again.

Pinnick has in turn rewarded him with special responsibilities like appointing him as leader of delegation to the Super Eagles failed adventure at the AFCON in Cameroon.


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