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Experts: Plea Bargain By Pinnick, Others Admission Of Guilt

Several legal experts have posited that should NFF President Amaju Pinnick and other top NFF officials agree to a plea bargain, it will amount to their admitting they are guilty of the corruption charges leveled against them.

Pinnick along with Vice Presidents Seyi Akinwunmi (PICTURED) and Shehu Dikko, Executive Committee Member Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’ as well as Secretary General Mohammed Sanusi are being investigated by anti-graft agency ICPC.

Barrister Ayodele Temitope Justice told www.insideglasshouse.com: “Going for plea bargain means pleading guilty as charged, it’s like opting for option of fine in the stead of prison term.

“That should also disqualify them from occupying public office.”

Another legal luminary, Celsus Ukpong, also agreed with this position.

“There is a provision for that (plea bargain) in the criminal law. It’s called administrative for criminal justice act. That means, that the accused persons have admitted that they are guilty of the allegations and ready to forgo some of the stolen properties as lesser punishment,” the lawyer told BSN Sports.

“If there are repentant accused persons the government will accept, but it is always for the cases that have to do with stolen of public funds.

“And such person does not fit to hold public office again because he has betrayed the trust the public has in him.

“The plaintiff (ICPC) and the accused persons will reach an agreement on what properties to forgo and be acquired by government and agreement of both of them becomes the lesser judgment of the court.”

Abuja-based law teacher, Aliyu Sule, added: “A plea bargain is an admittance of guilt and any accused person who agrees to this cannot be in public office.

“It’s a soft landing for those found wanting and it is done before a judge.”


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