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PROJECT 2022: Pinnick, NFF Resort To Old Tricks

While ex-internationals in Cameroon are rallying round their very own Samuel Eto’o, who has just declared interest in the Presidency of FECAFOOT, some Nigeria former players are shamefully giving themselves as willing tools to destroy their own house in support of common thieves running football aground in Nigeria.

Anyway It is now 11 days to go today from the final 14-days’ notice to the NFF to take the option of effecting a change through an independent football consultative assembly or a forum of football stakeholders of eminent Nigerians or face the consequences of their actions.

It is a statement of fact that 37 State Football Association Chairmen in a Congress of 44 members and 11 State Football Association Chairmen on an NFF Board of 15 members is no longer acceptable. 

The PFAN Task Force mandate to effect change in Nigeria Football and ensure adequate representation for the Footballers bloc is sacrosanct and not negotiable.

All the hirings being recruited by Pinnick and the NFF to resist change should meet the PFAN Task Force at the appropriate quarters in due course.

The fight is beyond rhetoric and hirlings.

It is a constitutional matter which even without PFAN any ex-footballer can bring a legitimate action.

Jean Bosman, a retired Belgian Footballer, went to the European Court on his own volition and in his private capacity to secure the Bosman ruling for football.

So, if the plan of Pinnick and the NFF is to split PFAN again, which is exactly what they are trying to achieve, this time around it will not work and can’t stop the impending change.

BY HARRISON JALLA, Chairman PFAN 2022 Task Force/Facilitator Project 2022.


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