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Pinnick, Akinwunmi Peace Meeting Almost Comes To Blows

It almost came to a case of ‘two fighting’ when a peace meeting between the two top shots of Nigeria Football – NFF President Amaju Pinnick and his Vice President Seyi Akinwunmi – went horribly wrong.

The scene was the Eko Hotel Lagos and Nilayo Sports chief Bukola Olopade was the peace maker.

Things have most certainly not been very friendly between Pinnick and Akinwunmi.

There are some who believe the breaking point in this “fighting and smiling” relationship was the recent Extra-Ordinary Congress in Benin City.

It has already been rumoured that Pinnick is more than willing to sacrifice his long-time friend so as to actualise his Third Term Agenda.

But whatever be the case, it is a known fact that while Pinnick wishes to continue as NFF boss than just be brandishing about his ceremonial FIFA Council post around the corridors of power, Akinwunmi will also want to have a feel of the top post.

Tempers flared at this peace meeting.

At a point, one of the gladiators – the Super Heavyweight – rolled up his sleeves ready for a punch-up, while the other was quick to remind him how he had squatted him in his flat at the high-brow 1004 Estate in Lagos on his return from England “empty” not too long ago.

The two friend-enemies will continue to “fight and smile” and the question remains – who will step down for the other at the NFF Elections in September 2022?


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