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Crisis Rocks Lagos FA Elections As ‘Anointed’ Chairmanship Candidate Brags ‘Even Governor Sanwo-Olu Will Be Disqualified If He Ran’

The system that outgoing Lagos FA Chairman Seyi Akinwunmi (PICTURED) put up in the last 12 years is doing everything, legal and illegal, to ensure it will be business as usual even by May 24, when the State FA Elections are conducted.

It has been gatherded that  some delegates perceived to be hostile to the establishment will be disqualified, while some candidates, who may rock the boat, will also be shown the door all in a desperate effort for ‘Anointed’ Chairmanship candidate Tade Azeez to succeed Akinwunmi.

A source told www.insideglasshouse.com: “There have been countless infractions of the NFF Statutes concerning the way this Election in Lagos is being conducted.

“Delegates and candidates who will be a problem to the Akinwunmi group are being hounded out so much so that the so-called “Anointed” Chairmanship candidate has even boasted that even if Lagos Governor Sanwo-Olu decided to run in the Elections, he could be disqualified.”

The Akinwunmi group is up against another group that claims to draw its powers from the Lagos State House.

This other group is confident it will sweep aside the system that  Akinwunmi put together for over a decade.

 They have put everything in motion to ensure they take over power in Eko football.

One of the strong forces in this group of revolutionaries is Hajj Gafar, one-time owner of 36 Lion FC, who this week blasted how Akinwunmi “capsized” football in Lagos.

 He fired on social media without any ambiguities: “Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi (BSA) tricked us in Lagos.

“BSA tricked us in Lagos and abandoned everyone when we needed him the most to remedy his many anomalies or, at the very least, partially repair the football ship he capsized, but alas! He ditched us in the middle of the lagoon.

“However, Lagos State Football Stakeholders won’t perish; perhaps BSA forgot that the Centre of Excellence comprises the Eguns, the Aworis, and the Ekos, all of whom are Great Swimmers.

 “We will all survive this mess that BSA has forced onto us for more than 12 years.

“He would have done the same for Nigeria save for the great delegates who voted wisely at Edo 2022 NFF Congress.

“BSA was supposed to be a friend and an elder brother to every single football family, as well as other football enthusiasts, but he limited the entire Lagos football system and even sat on an abnormal board for the last four years, cutting board members to six instead of nine.

“The 2023 Lagos State Football Association Election is just days away, I hope this time we will all choose wisely.”


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