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Will Bayelsa United Appeal ‘Mess Up’ NPFL Final Matchday May 21?

Bayelsa United appeal against the ruling by the NFF Disciplinary Committee concerning their NPFL match against Doma United may well “mess up” plans by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) to finally end of the league season on May 21.

IMC has announced that Final Matchday 18 of the NPFL season will be played on May 21 in both Conferences.

However, Bayelsa United appeal against a ruling that docked them three points and three goals for crowd incident in their home game against Doma may well be the spanner in the works for the IMC now.

The NFF Appeals Committee has been constituted but has yet to be inaugurated for it to sit on the Bayelsa case.

It is now left tobe seen how this logjam will be resolved in time for NPFL Final day of action.


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