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PROJECT 2022: No NFF Executive Fit And Proper To Seek Re-Election

Competence is the standard that MUST NOT BE COMPROMISED for the NFF Elections come September 2022.

Those jostling for the positions of NFF President and Board members still dreaming that the current structure of 37 States Football Associations out of a 44-member Congress would remain the procedure for the next elections should wake up from their slumber.

This is particularly so for those who aided and abated the destruction of Nigeria Football under Amaju Pinnick’s watch.

There will be no room for a lethargic and lame-duck Congress in the new dispensation.

A vibrant and proactive Congress would have checked Pinnick’s excesses and impeached him long time ago for massive corruption and gross abuse of office.

For instance, how can the NFF President’s recent trip to London with the Super Eagles coaches be justified?

What is Pinnick’s business in reaching out to Nigerian professional footballers based in Europe?

Which F.A President in the world does that?

That trip to London itself is a gross abuse of office and a total waste of public funds.

No person or group of persons within the NFF, who condone these gross misconducts and excesses under Amaju pinnick is fit to return as Board member in the September 2022 election.

BY HARRISON JALLA, Chairman PFAN Task Force/ Facilitator Project 2022


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