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Amaju Pinnick’s Opposition To 2021 AFCON MUST Be TOTALLY Condemned

www.insideglasshouse.com hereby TOTALLY condemns the move by NFF President Amaju Pinnick (PICTURED) to go along with FIFA President Gianni Infantino to get the 2021 AFCON in Cameroon cancelled or postponed.

This personal position taken by Pinnick is MOST UNACCEPTABLE and MUST be condemned in ALL ITS ENTIRETY by all those who care for not only Nigeria Football, but also football on the African continent as a whole.

This is again another classic example of how Pinnick has put his SELFISH interest before the collective good.

In his seven years as head of Nigeria Football, it has ALWAYS been only about him and not for the greater good of the national sport, the players or even fellow major stakeholders.

This will explain the persistent grumblings against the NFF President among the various stakeholders in Nigeria Football.

Pinnick is only a team player when he wishes to wrestle power, but he has always been a LONE RANGER when it has come to taking crucial decisions concerning Nigeria Football, from hiring a new foreign coach to key appointments at the NFF.

All stakeholders and the unfortunately compromised NFF Congress MUST rise against this self-serving fellow, who has never meant well for the development and growth of Nigeria Football.

Enough of the grumblings and lamentations, this is THE TIME to take ACTION and FLUSH OUT FOR GOOD a showman who will do anything to cling on to power even when he has clearly demonstrated lack of ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and CAPACITY.

The Burkina Faso football federation have shown what you do with traitors by their official statement condemning former FA President Sita Sangare, who also towed the position of Infantino sycophants like Pinnick for the AFCON to be cancelled.

Those who truly love Nigeria Football and hold it dear must act in this same vein against Amaju Pinnick and his EVER SELFISH CONDUCT AND ACTION.


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