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PROJECT 2022 TASK FORCE- Gross Infractions Of NFF, FIFA, CAF Statutes And Nigerian Constitution

This has to be the end of the road for State FA Chairmen dominance in football administration in Nigeria.

 Project 2022 Task Force is a moving train to crush all sections of the flawed NFF STATUTES 2010 come the 2022 NFF Elections.

Seventy six years in the cooler for ex-footballers bloc  and 16 years of arbitrary governance, massive looting and stagnation of the growth of football in Nigeria by the State F.A-dominated NFF are some of the issues the PFAN Task Force has to now address.

The Amaju Pinnick NFF administration holds the unenviable record of being the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria football.

There are series of practical examples such as the mystery surrounding the $8.5m FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup grant and the disappearance of the 2018 FIFA $10.5m Russia World Cup grant, and how these funds were diverted to private pockets right in the face of all Nigerians and mainstream media.

Again, Pinnick allocated almost $1m to a bogus friendly match against Bolivia that was never played.

There are also allegations of NPFL and NFF sponsorship monies running into several millions of USD and billions of Naira unaccounted for.

The lame duck NFF Congress dominated by States F.A Chairmen connived with Pinnick and his gang to destroy Nigeria football because it’s now their birthright to change baton of leadership within themselves courtesy of a skewed statutes in their favour.

In a proper football setting states or regional football Association chairmen are elected to develop Football within their states or regions. Those who are privileged to contest elections to a higher position must first resign from  their positions as State F.A chairmen before they can be eligible to contest election to a higher position.

We must revert to this format from 2022 amongst several sections of the statutes to be amended.

And the NFF Elections must hold in September 2022 those dreaming of elongating their current tenure or third term agenda are living in the past.

It is no longer business as usual.

Outside this Task Force a few patriotic Nigerians are working tirelessly to see the prosecution of indicted officials by the anti-graft agencies for the massive looting of our football treasury.

Those who think these matters are dead or have been swept under carpet should have a rethink.

The topmost priority of the Project 2022 Task Force is to create a new beginning for Nigeria football by opening a floodgate of opportunities for the ex-footballers bloc to take over the running, control and administration of football in Nigeria.


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