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FA Chairmen Demand NFF Pay Them Million Naira Each For Federation Cup

The State FA Chairmen have again risen up in arms against the NFF demanding they each receive a payment of a Million Naira for organising this year’s Federation Cup in their respective states.

The FAs have rallied that the NFF can do well to even pay something extra for late payment.

This comes against the background that an individual made away with 70 Million Naira from the 150 Million Naira paid by Aiteo.

The NFF have since responded to this request by asking the various FAs to send through their account details to Mohammed Ameenu, who is the acting head of competition of the NFF.

Close watchers believe that the NFF leadership wishes to use this cash to buy the support of the FA Chairmen, a majority of whom are on the war path for an NFF Congress to be convened.


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