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Stakeholders Say It’s Witch Hunt Against NNL COO Adesanya

The travails of the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the second-tier Nigeria National League (NNL), Emmanuel Adesanya (Pictured), have been caused by the fact that he has not co-operated with the powers-that-be to favour certain clubs in the league.

Adesanya is in danger of losing his job with several names already touted as his replacement.

However, several stakeholders have therefore come out in support of the experienced official.

“There is a particular club who the big bosses want to gain promotion to the Premier League by hook or by crook and the young man (Adesanya) has refused to go along with them,” one of the stakeholders told InsideGlassHouse.com

“He has carried out his job going by the rules and that is why they now want him out.”

“We all know how these top officials have used trophies and promotion of these clubs for cash and political goodwill,” another stakeholder argued.

It was further gathered that they accused him of having a soft spot for another top club, who incidentally are based in the same geo-political region where he hails from.


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