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‘Signatures Approving Sanusi $10,000-A-Month Salary Forged’ Allege Top Official

A top official has alleged that the signatures of at least two members of the NFF Establishment Committee that approved the $10,000-a-month salary that NFF General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi is enjoying were forged.

The official further said the person who forged these signatures has since confessed to doing so at the anti-corruption agency ICPC.

It was also complained that the Sports Ministry, which supervises the NFF, has never assented to this stagerring pay packet of the General Secretary.

Sanusi has in his defence accused some elements of waging a campaign of calumny against him.

He said this campaign is fueled by tribal, religious and selfish interests.

He warned that those who are behind this campaign are “fighting God” because it is only God who decides what everyone will be.


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