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Why Is NFF President Gusau Desperate To Impose Sani Zubairu Refs Boss?

Sani Zubairu has been anointed by NFF President Ibrahim Gusau (PICTURED) to be the next President of the Nigeria Referees Association (NRA).

It has been alleged that Gusau has not hidden his desperation to install fellow Northern Muslim Zubairu that he has been mentioned as the man behind a joint meeting of NRA Chairmen and Secretaries from NorthWest, NorthCentral and NorthEast.

The meeting has been fixed for Monday, April 24, in Kano.

It has been further alleged that Gusau has ordered some powers-that-be in the NRA to stop Moruf Oyekunle Oluwa, Olokor Daniel and Suleiman Omeiza, who incidentally are all from NorthCentral, from contesting for the NRA Presidency.

Oluwa and Daniel have since stepped down their ambitions.

Omeiza has so far refused to buckle under all manners of pressure in this regard.

The question is why does Gusau want to have a full grip of the NRA with the installation of his Man Friday Zubairu as boss?

Is the NRA no longer an independent affiliate of the NFF?

Or are we to begin to believe some of the rumours making the rounds that the NFF President is a very interested party in who is crowned as NPFL champions this season?


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