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Have Gusau And NFF Sold Out Edo FA Chairman In State FA Elections?

As the rumblings across the country over State FA polls rage on, Edo FA Chairman Roland Abu has accused both NFF President Ibrahim Gusau and Secretary General Mohammed Sanusi of selling him out to the Edo State Government personalised by Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu (PICTURED) ahead of the State FA Elections.

Roland Abu is seeking a second term as Edo FA boss, but it seems that the NFF leadership of Gusau would rather Edo Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu decide who will be the next Chairman of the state football association.

The current State FA boss, a union leader, has alleged a direct Government Interference leading up to the polls with both Gusau and Sanusi happy to sacrifice him so as to maintain the well-known romance the NFF leadership has with Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu.

Roland Abu has now sent out a Save-My-Soul rallying cry to his fellow State FA Colleagues as the plot to get rid of him thickens.

“I want to bring to your notice that I have been facing serious battle in my FA with Government Interference,” cried out ironically one of the FA Chairmen who stood solidly with Gusau to be elected NFF President last September in Benin City.

“I called the President of NFF severally to report to him and the General Secretary (Sanusi), but no good response.


“The Goverment will always say they have the advice of the NFF President to do what they are doing.

“Comrades I am surprised at the kind of NFF leadership we have today.

“Please note that what ever happened in a goat’s house will also happen in a sheep’s own. So, injury to one is injury to all.

“My local govt election which was earlier fixed for 11th April has just been postponed by the sports commission chairman without consulting me. This happened to be the third time the govt is stopping my election.

“How can non-affiliates of Edo FA petition to NFF without copying me? Yet NFF will send the petition to my sport commission. Isn’t it funny?”

His closing remarks were emotional: “I may decide to quit…I will miss you all my good friends…

“Football is not what I think it is…”

The Edo State Deputy Governor, who financially supported Gusau to be President, has since distanced himself from stopping Elections into the Local Government FAs billed for today.


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