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Club Owners Threaten Clubs Over Playing Abridged NPFL Season

Top officials of the so-called Club Owners led by Isaac Danladi (PICTURED) have threatened some clubs they will face serious consequences if they failed to fall in line with their opposition against an abridged NPFL season as proposed by the IMC.

One of the chieftains of the Club Owners, who are actually administrators appointed to head State Government-owned clubs in the NPFL, has been working the phones, threatening fire and brimstone to clubs who have broken ranks from them.

Even one of the NNL clubs, who have indicated interest to replace any club that stay away from the NPFL in the new season, were not spared the tirade by this official of the Club Owners.

Some of the Club Owners have even bragged that they have taken their protest to world football governing FIFA, who they claim will bring both NFF and the IMC to order.

At least 10 of the 20 NPFL clubs attended Wednesday’s draw which divided them into two groups for an abridged league.

 This was after the Club Owners boasted all the clubs will shun the event in Abuja and would instead meet in Asaba to review the situation.


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