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EXPOSED: NPFL Club Owners Allegedly Demand For Cut Of 10 Million Naira Start-Up Grant

It can now be revealed that the main bone of contention between the IMC and the NPFL Club Owners is not whether there should be an abridged season or not, but all hell has been let loose because the league organisers refused to give them a cut from the start-up grant to be paid the 20 clubs before the big kick-off.

It has now been uncovered that the IMC proposed to pay each club 10 Million Naira to start the league, but it was alleged that some of the club chairmen would rather 7.5 Million Naira is paid to their club account, while 2.5 Million Naira is paid to their own personal accounts.

A source informed: “The IMC refused to this arrangement, which apparently was the usual practice in the days of the LMC.

“The league organisers insisted that they do not wish to continue with this rut, but rather seek to correct some of the problems that have militated against the progress of the NPFL.

“That is the main reason hell has broken loose now and the Club Owners are now fighting dirty.”

The NPFL Club Owners led by Nasarawa United Chairman Isaac Danladi (PICTURED) have argued publicly that the clubs rejected an abridged league for fear of relegation.

State Governments that own these clubs will also reduce their budgets to the clubs in the event of an abridged league.


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