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NFF Order NPFL Season Must End June As Club Owners Continue To Kick Against Abridged League

The NFF have ordered the IMC to ensure the new NPFL season ends in June, but the Club Owners are still battling against an abridged format of the league to make this a reality.

Remo Stars are the only privately owned club in the NPFL, which means that the 19 other clubs are financed by State Governments.

“An abridged league for these clubs means an abridged budget for them from the State Governments,” a top official told www.insideglasshouse.com

“These so-called Club Owners are only interested in what comes to their pockets, not the growth of Nigeria Football.

“The NPFL needs to be properly positioned especially as it concerns the calendar so as to attract sponsors and even the fans but those who have been given the responsibility to head these clubs are against this because their various State Governments may not approve a full budget for them especially in an election year..”

The official continued: “But the argument to favour a full budget is that a new full season will begin in August 2023.

“The real owners of these clubs ought to show more serious interest in these clubs by appointing persons who want to change the narratives in the NPFL.

“The league can make money for the clubs, but it has to be repositioned to do so.

“Otherwise, the NPFL will remain a drain pipe for much-needed funds from State Governments.”

Various reports said the new NPFL season will now kick off on January 8, 2023.


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