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NFF Blunder Again, Order Accused Auwalu Baba Jada To Provide Evidence For Match-Fixing Allegations

Auwalu Baba Jada campaigned vigourously for Ibrahim Gusau to be elected NFF President.

And it was Gusau who conscripted him on to the board of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) to organise the NPFL.

And now the NFF are understandably doing everything to let one of the President’s men off the hook after a video clip went viral on social media which showed Auwalu Baba Jada telling a group of players how he has manipulated the resilts of NPFL matches over time.

Baba Jada has since been dropped from the IMC and on Tuesday he is to appear before the NFF Integrity Unit.

Official invitation to Auwalu Baba Jada

In a letter signed by the head of the Integrity Unit and a lawyer, Okey Obi, the accused person was ordered to more or less tamper with the main piece of evidence in this crime after he was asked to come along with it to the disciplinary hearing after disposing to an affidavit.

Okey Obi ought to lose his professional license for this charade.

The Integrity Unit is not recognised by the NFF Statutes and it is not a judicial body and so does not have the power to hand out any sanctions.

The NFF’s judicial body is the disciplinary committee and that is the proper body that this matter ought to have been referred to.

This committee will investigate the match-fixing claims against Baba Jada and make its rulings.

The NFF Secretariat has again proved it is not conversant with the NFF Statutes, which ought to determine how football in Nigeria is governed.

Gusau must be a lot more alive to situations so that the Secretariat does not sabotage his fledging administration.


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