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Why Club Owners Sabotage IMC To Fail Just Like LMC

The NPFL Club Owners, which is in the real sense is a collection of persons who run the various clubs in the top league on behalf of their State Governments, are apparently playing the script of disgruntled elements of the sacked LMC to sabotage the Interim Management Committee (IMC) to reposition the country’s premier league.

In a long-awaited decision, the Federal Government recently fired the LMC and replaced it with the IMC to run the NPFL.

As expected,  those who benefitted from the old order under the defunct LMC like the Club Owners having been doing everything to ensure the new organisers of the NPFL do not succeed in an otherwise very difficult mission to get the league to thrive.

The five members of the Club Owners have demanded that the IMC continue to pay them 500,000 Naira monthly salary as LMC did.

If that is not done,  the so-called Club Owners threatened the IMC will not get their co-operation.

The Club Owners have also gone against the proposal by the IMC for an abridged NPFL season so as to align the league calendar with that of Europe .

These officials insist on a full regular season with the proviso that the leading clubs at the time of CAF registration deadline should be picked to represent the country at the various international competitions.

The Club Owners have also stuck to their guns that the new season be played at venues approved by the sacked LMC.

This runs counter to the position of the IMC, which has odered that NPFL matches will only be at “Television-friendly” stadiums because all efforts are in top gear for the games to be on TV in the new season.

“They don’t want the IMC to succeed. It’s a script from those who headed the LMC and who have now been dislodged once and for all from organising the NPFL,” an official informed www.insideglasshouse.com


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