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Pinnick Again Shamelessly Insults Nigerians With Usual Ego Trip At Qatar 2022

Millions of Nigerians have been forced to watch the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from their television sets because Amaju Pinnick did not have what it takes to qualify the Super Eagles to Qatar.

But as if that were not enough, Pinnick, who famously bragged that World Cup qualification was Nigeria’s birth right and that because of the bilateral ties between Nigeria and Qatar the Eagles will fly all the way to the first World Cup to be staged in Asia, has continued to assault the sensibilities of millions of Nigerians.

The latest insults were photos of the former NFF President and the Olu of Warri, who is a special guest of FIFA apparently at the behest of Pinnick.

An album of photos show Pinnick along with his ‘trophy’ wife without any shame mingling with royalty from his hometown and football royalty led by Gianni Infantino, while Nigerians continue to count their many losses caused by non-qualification.

FIFA Council Member Pinnick was also conspicuous at a Brazil game even though photos showed he was more occupied with his phone than the World Cup match.

All these were against the backdrop that Nigerians have not forgiven Pinnick and his administration for the country’s failure to make it to Qatar 2022.

The salt added to this injury is that Nigeria were eliminated in the playoffs by eternal rivals Ghana.

These are legacies not to be proud of especially for a man with such massive ego.

 Good enough the social media streets have relentlessly dragged ‘The NFF President Emeritus’, but you can be sure this man will continue to exploit all the photo-ops that this World Cup will present.

For Pinnick, it’s anything that will make him look good and relevant even when it’s not proper and in bad taste.

This again shows that the NFF Presidency was one big ego trip by Pinnick, but tragically those eight years of personal entitlement have now taken Nigeria Football  many, many more years backwards.

Pinnick did Pinnick for eight long years and in the process football in Nigeria was worse off.


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