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Six Years Of Match-Fixing In NPFL – Auwalu Baba Jada Cannot Be The Sacrificial Lamb

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) blanket suspension of Auwalu Baba Jada is a huge joke and only an attempt to hurriedly cover up the cancer that is killing Nigeria domestic Football.

The Nigeria Football Federation have no moral justification to suspend Auwalu Baba Jada when they have a pending petition before their won Ethics Committee acknowledged by the chairman of the Ethics Committee against Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’, who was then Chairman of the notorious Referees Appointment Committee of the NFF since August 2017.

A copy of the petition of Jumbo Awala, ex-international and former chairman of the players’ union monitoring committee of the NPFL matches, speaks for itself.

Awala alleged among other things that ‘Fresh’ as Chairman of the NFF Referees Appointment Committee manipulated some important games for Plateau United to eventually win the 2017 NPFL Championship.

He backed his claims with video and photographic evidence of a special reception organised by Plateau United to honour ‘Fresh’.

Again the PFAN Task Force has just petitioned FIFA over the confessional statement of the principal officers of the Club Owners Association of Nigeria who came out openly to affirm the corruption, dirty deals and match-fixing under the watch of the sacked League Management Company (LMC).

The purported suspension of Auwalu Baba Jada is diversionary, the NFF and their supervising ministry, the Ministry of Sports, must urgently do the needful to clear the Augean Stable and save our domestic Football before relevant anti- graft agencies would be invited to do a thorough investigation.



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