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Match-Fixing Video Kicks Off Plot By ‘Disgruntled Elements’ To Mess Up IMC

A video in which an IMC Board member Auwal Baba Jada boasted of his match-fixing exploits that is making the rounds in social media is just the first salvo by “some disgruntled elements”, who plan to discredit the Interim Management Committee (IMC), which has replaced the defunct LMC to oversee the NPFL.

IMC Chairman Gbenga Elegbeleye (PICTURED) and IMC Member Kunle Soname have also been lined up by these “disgruntled elements”, who were dislodged from their positions on account of the emergence of IMC.

Both men have close ties with betting companies and that will be used to full effect to discredit the IMC.

“Those that were replaced by the IMC are the people behind the plot to discredit the new organisers of the NPFL,” a source told www.insideglasshouse.com

“The video clip is just the beginning, there will be more dirt brought out to the public domain to prove the IMC does not have the magic wand to turn the NPFL around.”

Baba Jada, a former Wikki Tourists chieftain, was drafted to the IMC by NFF President Ibrahim Gusau as a reward for his contribution to his successful election.

Incredibly, the NFF have yet to react to this incriminating video.


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