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Sanusi Ouster ‘Just A Matter Of Time’ Despite Rally Of Support

Despite some rabid claims to the contrary, the days of Mohammed Sanusi (PICTURED with Amaju Pinnick) as NFF General Secretary are numbered.

Sanusi is one of the longest-serving General Secretaries having being at the post for the last seven years.

He still has a contract till December 2023, but there are strong indications that he will be booted out long before then.

The Sokoto-born doctorate degree holder in physical education is also very much aware that the end of his time as the head of the NFF Secretariat is fast approaching, even though he has vowed to use his “powerful connections” to stay in office.

“The new Board will just manage to work with him for some time, probably as a reward for getting most of them to power, but it is inevitable his time with the NFF has also come to an end, just like that of his former boss Amaju Pinnick,” a top official told www.insideglasshouse.com

After the gross insubordination he displayed against the Sports Minister recently, the powers that be have made it abundantly clear – either you get rid of him or we will do it for you.

Under Sanusi, the NFF Secretariat has lacked leadership and direction with critics even going on to label the engine room of Nigeria Football as incompetent, inefficient and ineffective.


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