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Gusau Off To Rocky Start After Pinnick Fails To Leave Handover Notes

Amaju Pinnick may have boasted that he “installed” Ibrahim Gusau as the new NFF President, but it appears he has programmed his “staunchest loyalist” to fail in office after he did not leave behind handover notes for him.

Handover notes that will include the current financial position of the football federation, on-going plans, future programmes as well as advice would have gone a long way to help the new NFF Executive Committee led by Gusau have a first-hand grasp of the situation in the NFF and help them plan their own programmes.

It is well known that Pinick was very indifferent to the general administration of the federation and the manner he was literally kicked out of office may have influenced the absence of handover notes.

“He has left Gusau in a limbo,” a top official said.

“He certainly does not wish him to succeed as the new man and his Board will now have to spend valuable time to grope their way through all the muddle.

“The only saving grace is that the Secretariat has not changed and so that could make things a little less problematic for him and the new Board.”

In a recent media interview, Pinnick admitted the NFF have huge hotel and travel debts, while a major sponsor is indebted to the federation to the tune of $6 Million.

 Top officials said Pinnick left the NFF 2 Billion Naira in the red.


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