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EXPOSED: Who Grabbed The Most Dollars At 2022 NFF Elections?

The story has already been told of how this year’s NFF Elections was bombarded with US Dollars and how losing aspirants rallied round for refunds after some of the delegates tried to play a fast one on them.

But who were the delegates who made the biggest cash-outs from the Elections after all has been said and done?

The two men who are smiling to the bank, at least for the time being, are from the North – one very strong man from North Central and the other from North West.

As first reported by www.insideglasshouse.com, the North Central Oga got a total of $80,000 from two losing Presidential aspirants and now it has come to light that he also got another $50,000 from a top club owner from the South West.

These amounts do not include the fistful of Dollars he was given to distribute to delegates in his zone.

This man got the $50,000 from the club owner on behalf of the one of the Presidential aspirants who was sighted with him in the South West days leading to the polls.

The second “wise-guy” delegate who also grossed a little fortune in Benin City is from the North West.

Several weeks before the Elections he was heard telling colleagues that he will buy a new car after this vote and true to his word, he now can buy a few cars with what he helped himself to in Benin.

He got $10,000 from a leading Presidential aspirant from the North, then got another $15,000 from a losing Presidential aspirant from the South, before he crowned it up with five Million Naira from an Executive Committee aspirant from the South West who has a famous family name, but even that could not win him the necessary votes.

Incredible as it may sound, this secondary school accountant did not cast his vote for any of these men.

Sources said he has so far escaped a man hunt set for him by these angry men, but it is yet to be seen just how long he can continue to do so.


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