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After NFF Elections All Eyes Shift To Appeal Court Tomorrow

The NFF Elections may have come and gone, but all eyes will tomorrow be on the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja when it is suppose to respond to an argument that it lacks jurisdiction to stay an injunction granted a lower court without a proper transfer of the case.

Justices Biobele Abraham Georgewill, Mohammed Mustapha and Danlami Zama Senchi ordered a stay on the injunction for the NFF Elections to go ahead on Friday in Benin City.

The Appeal Court Justices will now have the chance to counter arguments that they do not have the jurisdiction to attend to this case particularly as several processes were not adhered to.

Should it be established that they lacked jurisdiction, the litigants can go ahead to get the Elections annulled at the lower court as well as fire petitions against the Justices to the NJC.

The litigants have raised various questions on the stay order by the Appeal Court and they vowed to challenge this all the way to the country’s apex court, the Supreme Court.

PFAN said the order was unacceptable on several grounds.

 (1) No proper parties before the Court

(2) No record of transmission from the Lower court to the Court of Appeal

(3) No leave of court was sought from the lower court

(4) The Defendants were not given opportunity to respond to processes filed by the Appellants

(5) The Defendants’ lawyers were called on phone by 6pm on Wednesday, 28th September to Appear in court by 9am, 29th September, 2022.

“The fight is to enthrone good order in Nigeria Football, so the struggle continues beyond an election,” PFAN maintained.


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