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2022 NFF ELECTIONS: Sanusi Presses For Contempt Of Court Vs NFF, Nullification Of Timothy Magaji Election

Sanusi Mahmoud Mohammed is set to proceed with a Contempt of Court against the NFF after he was shut out of Friday’s NFF Elections as the bonafide Chairman of the Taraba FA.

Sanusi Mahmoud will also seek the nullification of the election of Timothy Henman Magaji on the NFF Executive Committee in Benin City yesterday.

Last month, the Federal High Court sitting in Jalingo, Taraba State, ruled that Sanusi Mahmoud was the rightfully elected Chairman of the Taraba FA and that the NFF should duly recognise him as such.

The Judge concluded that but for the mishandling of the matter by the NFF, he ought not to have presided over the case.

Legal representatives of Mahmoud Sanusi subsequently served the NFF the court’s judgment, but the football federation failed to invite him to the NFF Elective Congress in Benin City on Friday.

Timothy Magaji, who has been “impersonating” as Taraba FA Chairman for the past three years, was yesterday elected as one of the representatives from the North East.

Sanusi Mahmoud is expected to seek for his Election to be nullified on the grounds that his nomination by his home federation, which is this case is the Taraba FA, was wrong based on the court judgment.

 Taraba FA, PFAN and Imo State were the delegates who did not participate at Friday’s Elective Congress for various reasons.


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