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FIFA Urge NFF To Dialogue With All Parties To Disappointment Of Football Federation

www.insideglasshouse.com can exclusively report that world football ruling body FIFA have asked the NFF to dialogue with aggrieved parties to resolve the impasse that has again befallen Nigeria Football.

Fresh Elections into the NFF Executive Committee are due on Friday, September 30, in Benin City, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it will not hold as a result of a court injunction secured by the players union led by Harrison Jalla, among other considerations.

A top official described as disappointing the response of FIFA to a correspondence by the NFF in which they complained of “third party interference”, in this case the court order by Jalla.

The FIFA response by their Director in charge of Member Associations was received by the NFF about two weeks ago, but as this was not “favourable” to the football federation, it was not leaked to the media.

The NFF leadership was expecting FIFA to come out gun blazing with the usual threat of a FIFA ban so as to deter any interferences and interventions outside their circle.

The NFF General Secretary, Mohammed Sanusi, also did not notify the supervising Sports Ministry of the FIFA correspondence until only this past week.

It is most probably in the spirit of the FIFA advice that the Sports Ministry has begun to engage various Stakeholders of Nigeria Football.

In this regard, Sports Minister Sunday Dare has invited the 11 aspirants for the NFF Presidency for a meeting Tuesday in Abuja amid various reactions.

Similar engagements with other critical Stakeholders will be expected to follow in a bid to chart the way forward.


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