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Litigant Threatens To Withdraw Notice Of Discontinuance From Bayelsa Court – Baribote

The litigant in the case that aborted the NFF AGA in December 2021, Seigha Obiene, has threatened to move a motion withdrawing the notice of discontinuance at the Federal High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

This therefore means the injunction granted the court for the NFF Congress not to meet is back in force and any Congress meeting thereafter will amount to contempt.

“We turned a blind eye for the NFF to do the Congress in Lagos, but they have since ignored us because we are nobody,” said Rumson Baribote (PICTURED far right), the representative of the litigant.

“I will now move the motion withdrawing notice of discontinuance on the floor of the Federal High Court because that order is still subsisting.”

He said the litigant in the Bayelsa case acted in good faith with the agreement reached with Concerned FA Chairmen, but the other party did not.

“We fulfilled all that was agreed, but they (Concerned FA Chairmen) failed on their own part, they even ignored us,” he said.

He chronicled how all measures were taken by the PFAN Task Force to notify the NFF leadership of the urgent need to amend the Statutes for equal representation in both the NFF Executive Committee and NFF Congress, but they were ignored.

He argued that the Sports Ministry has the right to intervene in this national problem, while insisting that all hands must be on deck to move football in the country forward.

“We are not here to destroy but to build Nigeria Football,” he maintained.

“Rather the problem is that the NFF are not respecting their own rules.

“Doing something wrong for a long time does not make it right, it’s just that they have a monopolistic tendency as they want to hold on to power and that why we have a problem today.

“I played football and I also invested my life’s earnings to run clubs and so I cannot be the person to destroy football.”

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