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Petitions Received Against Kwande, Shehu Dikko, Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’

At least three petitions have been received by the NFF Electoral Committee against three aspirants, namely Sulaiman Yahaya Kwande (PICTURED) and Shehu Dikko for the NFF Presidency as well as Ahmed Yusuf ‘Fresh’, who is running unopposed as Chairman of Chairmen.

The petition against Kwande is that he purchased two different nominations forms – one for a seat on the NFF Executive Committee and another for the NFF Presidency.

The electoral guidelines clearly stipulated disqualification for any aspirant who picks up two forms.

This is a test case for the Electoral Committee, which has widely been dismissed as already compromised on account of its composition and lack of accountability.

The NFF Elections is fixed for September 30, 2022, in Benin City.


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